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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


What is the turnaround time?
Turnaround time depends on the work load but we try to ship your art work out in approximately 3 -5 business days. If the files are not sized correctly and the quality is not good the order will be delayed. We are closed for most holidays so it will take a few extra days around them. For RUSH jobs we offer a $50 fee and your order will be shipped out the next day. YOU MUST BE SURE TO SELECT THE RUSH OPTION WHEN ORDERING.
How long does it take to receive my order?
It usually takes 2 to 4 days for processing and 2 to 3 days for shipping. So, all together approximately 4 to 7 days.
How do I send digital images to you?
Once you add an item to the shopping cart , it will request that you upload the file. The image upload button below will take you to the upload page where you can browse for pictures on your computer and then upload them to us. Your email will be requested in case we need to contact you.
What is gallery wrap?
A gallery wrap is the process of wrapping the printed canvas around a custom made stretcher frame. The image is wrapped around the frame for a clean, modern look. If there is not enough pictures to stretch, have no fear, we will digitally stretch the image so that it wraps around the edges without hurting the integrity of the image. All of the work is done with an artist’s critical eye. We will not print an image if we do not think it is going to be perfect!
What's the difference between foamcore board and gatorboard?
Gatorboard is a lot tougher than foamcore, and we suggest it when you expect your prints to last. It also will not bend with changes in humidity like foamcore will. We stock both in 3/16 thickness, foamcore in white only, gatorboard in both black and white.

Foamcore board is suggested for event displays only used for a day or two.
What kind of file should I send you?
Please see graphic file preparation
Will my print be pixilated?
As long as we have a clear image, we will have no problem. If the file you send is a good quality and the dpi is correct it will be great. The file needs to be sized to actual size at 100dpi.
Can you enlarge my developed photos?
Yes we can. You can either scan the photo yourself or upload it to us or you can send the photo to us by regular mail and we will scan it. Please be sure to package your photo properly for shipment. A bubble-wrap envelope is suggested. We will return it with your enlargement. NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for damaged photos during shipment to us.
What are your size requirements for a digital image?
The largest image size that you can upload to us will produce the best quality picture. We would suggest at least a 1280 x 960 pixel size. This is equivalent to a 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera. Just remember that higher mega-pixel cameras will produce better looking enlargements. When scanning a picture to send to us, please use a setting of at least 300 dpi on your scanner for our smaller prints, 600 dpi for our medium sized prints, and 1200 dpi for our largest sized prints.
Can you convert a color photo to black & white?
Yes we can.
Can you convert a black & white photo to color?
Sorry, we don't do colorization.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover on our order page through Paypal. Sorry, we cannot accept personal checks. They will be returned if sent for payment.
What address do I send my photos to?
Majco Group Inc.
PO Box 824086
Pembroke Pines, FL 33082-4086

Our mailing address is also listed on the "Contact Us" page. Please include your order number with your photo.

How will I get the picture back that I send you?
Your picture will be secured in the mailing tube or box with the enlargement. If it is too large, it will be shipped separately.
Can you print other picture sizes that aren't common?
Yes, just send us a quote request with the dimensions that you desire and we will send back a quote. The height dimensions offered are: 4 - 52 inches. The width dimensions are: 52” – 100’. (Height and width dimensions are interchangeable to accommodate the correct picture orientation.)
Can you do special editing and artwork to my pictures?
Yes we can. We charge $20 per 1/4 hour of work with a minimum of 1/2 hour. Please email your picture to us and tell us what you want. Our email address is listed on the Contact Us page. We will email you back a quote so that you may place your order on the order page.
How can I find out if my order has been shipped?
You may log in to our website to view your order status. You will also receive an email after your shipping label is printed and your order is ready to ship.
Can I get a refund on an order?
We will refund any order that has not been printed. If you are not happy with an order that you receive, we will do what we can to make you satisfied. If you do not know if your picture quality is good enough for enlarging, please send it to us and we will advise you. Our email address is listed on the "Contact Us" page. Paid orders are an acknowledgment from you to print and complete the order as listed, so please be sure to send the image that you want processed.
Can you frame my picture after printing?
Sorry, we don't do framing at this time.