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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Graphics Guidelines

We are PC based. Please save all files so that they can be opened in a MS Windows environment
All files must be saved within CMYK color space.

Adobe Illustrator (CS4 or earlier)
  • Create at 100% final print size.
  • Save as .EPS or .AI.
  • Multiple panel murals must be created on one single page. Do not tile panels onto multiple pages, unless there are hard color breaks. Try not to have the panel breaks run through letters or logos if at all possible.
  • Be sure to convert all fonts outlines. (Type > Create Outlines).
  • Do not link (or place) files. Submit one ready to print file (per print).
  • All raster images should be embedded and not linked.
  • All bitmap images should be 100-120dpi for quality output.
  • To help get a smoother gradient without banding, the gradient should be creadted in Photoshop with noise added (from 1 to 3), saved as a TIFF, then brought back to Illustrator and combined with the rest of the artwork.
  • Include hard copy/print out. 

Adobe Photoshop (CS4 or earlier)
  • Create at 100% final print size.
  • Save as .PSD, .TIF or hi-res JPG.
  • Make sure all images are embedded.
  • Do not link (or place) files.
  • Flatten before saving without hidden layers; otherwise it will not print.
  • Submit only what needs to be printed.
  • File should be saved as a TIFF in CMYK and LZW compression and ICC profiles checked on with no extra Alpha channels.
  • To help get a smoother gradient without banding, add noise (from 1 to 3).
  • Include hard copy/print out.
Note: Go to menu / view / print size to see artwork at actual print size and to check for jagged edges from low resolution image files.

Adobe Indesign (CS4 or earlier)
  • Create at 100% final print size
  • Export to .EPS and check for discrepancies between .EPS and original file before submitting.
  • Be sure to convert all fonts to paths.
  • Do not link (or place) files
  • Submit one ready to print file (per print)
  • All bitmap images should be 100dpi for quality output
  • Include hard copy/print out
(DO NOT SUBMIT .PDF’s as they tend to have errors when submitted to print.)

Adobe Acrobat PDF *please read below under PDF Files heading for further instructions.
  • Save as PDF PRINT OPTIMIZED with all fonts converted
  • Be sure to convert all fonts to paths.
  • CMYK color
  • Be sure file is at correct proportions to be scaled up to final size before printing

IMPORTANT: We cannot use files generated by desktop publishing, presentation or word processing software i.e. MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel...etc.
DO NOT use Quark or CorelDraw, since they are not ideal for creating large scale images for portraits or murals.

Resolution Requirement:
All Photoshop or other (tiff) bitmapped digital images must be supplied at a resolution of 100 - 120 ppi (pixels per inch) at the finish size of the graphic being produced. EXAMPLE: a 12” x 12” bitmap file will be about 4 meg in size at 100 ppi. A rough estimate on file size would be 4 megabytes per square foot. Files may be setup at ½ size, double resolution if necessary (20x20 at 120 PPI = 10x10 at 240 PPI)
Color Matching:
Any critical colors pertaining to logos or corporate identity should be noted as PANTONE COATED colors, along with number values. If you are uising the Pantone Sport Color system, a color chip must be provided. If you have certain printed material that needs to be color-matched, please send it along with your art disk.All Photoshop or other (tiff) bitmapped digital images must be supplied at a resolution of 100 - 120 ppi (pixels)

* PDF files:
We obtain excellent results when printing PDF files saved for Print Optimized* (not for web use). Please open the file on another computer (i.e. Acrobat) to verify the file will print properly, is sized at 100% actual size of sign or graphic to be printed , all images in the file are at least 100dpi at full print size and fonts are correct. We cannot easily manipulate PDF files.
* The Print Optimized job options are for PDF files that will be printed as high-quality final output. For a PDF file to be portable at a minimum, you should embed all fonts.

Available by request and sent overnight at an additional charge of $35.00. Although we use high quality equipment, we cannot guarantee perfect color matches. Colors will be matched as close as possible to a PMS or printout. Otherwise we will print the file as sent with no guarantees, returns, or refunds.

Art Charge:
If your files are not ready for print, in some cases we may be able to fix them at the rate of $75.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $45.00. . Please note that we are not always able to accommodate requests for design work during busier periods. In the case that we are able to do design-related corrections, it may delay production by one or more business days, and rush fees may apply if turnaround is needed in less than 5 business days after proofs are confirmed.

1. Every time you start to create a new file to design your artwork, be sure to specify the right size and the right resolution (300 dpi). It is essential to do so, to avoid any problems later on. In some cases you may need to recreate you artwork from the beginning. Also, we recommend you use a CMYK color mode.

2. Remember: do not type any text to close to the edge. We need to have some space for cutting. Always use 1/4” bleed around your document (see "Templates" for explanation).

3. When you scan, use 300dpi option.

4. Be sure to use high quality pictures. If original material is blurry, pixilated or discolored it will be visible in the final print. We do not take responsibility for such deterioration.

5. After you finish and save your original job, make a copy (under different file name) without layers (flat picture).
6. To achieve deep BLACK color in the final print, you should use a mix of C 75%,
M 68%, Y 67%, K 90%
. If you just use K 100% for black (without any mixture of colors) black color may come up "washed-up".